Not so Secret Quilt Seam Techniques. See The Simple TIPS That Work in 2 Videos

Accurate Seam allowance is part of the Secret.

But there are several other tips for perfecting seams which impact how accurate your units, blocks, rows, and columns are compared to each other.

If you’re working from a pattern that has each piece, unit, and block measurement, and they aren’t matching the pattern measurements, you may have to make some seam allowance adjustments.

One of the keys is test your seam allowance before you start sewing your pieces into units.

This simple test should be done before you start each project.

I know that might seem to be a little over kill but things do move out of place and even the thread weight can make a difference.

It’s better to test than be sorry when your block doesn’t line up
Everyone will pick up a point or two.

To remember the points you like! WRITE them down and check them out later. I

lost count of how many tips are covered. Of course you can’t talk about quilting seams without going over the 1/4 seam allowance.

In Quilt Piecing it’s probably the most repeated comment.

You can ignore it, but you’ll find yourself on the other end getting frustrated about why your quilt doesn’t line up, or learning how to do it right.

Seam Allowance in quilting can be critical if you’re driven to make your points, and edges line up to form the geometric patterns in quilts. If you don’t prefect the quarter inch seam it’s not the end of the world, but it makes quilting much more enjoyable if you can. With a little practice it becomes natural. Testing your seam allowance starts with cutting 2 strips 1.5 inches wide. One strip will be 9.5 inches long. Then cut nine 1.5 inch squares. Stitch the 9 Squares together with your 1/4 inch seam allowance. After they are all stitched together they press the seams all in the same direction and compare the two strips. They should be the same length. If not you’ll have to make adjustments to your seam allowance.



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