Mom Can’t Leave Her Wheelchair, But When The Groom Does THIS, I’m Crying

We’ve seen amazing wedding videos before, but never one like this.

When her husband Luke danced with his mother on their big day, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. She was suffering from ALS, so she had to use a wheelchair. Luke escorts his mom onto the floor and the two dance arm-in-arm to Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” He kneels down next to her, sways with her, and wipes the tears away from her eyes. She’s overcome with emotion, and Luke is right there next to her, being so sweet and comforting.

Their entire family is gathered around them, crying as they watch this beautiful, bittersweet moment. When the camera pans back to Kristeena tearing up in her gorgeous wedding dress, I just about lost it myself.

Kristeena says it’s the most touching moment she has ever witnessed, and that she’s so happy Luke got to have this moment before his mom passed away. We’ve seen incredible acts of selflessness before — like the father who danced with his disabled daughter on stage, taking the world by storm. Luke and his mother are no exception, and I guarantee this dance will bring tears to your eyes.

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