Mom And 3 Daughters Are Born With Rare Phenomenon That Makes Long Hair Grow Indefinitely

In a small-town of Illinois lives a real-life family of Rapunzels. Tere Lynn Russell’s flowing brown hair is 74 inches long, which is more than twice the normal length hair normally reaches. That’s because she was born with a bizarre genetic condition that makes her hair grow indefinitely — and it’s trait she passed down to all three of her daughters.

This exceptionally rare genetic change in their hair growth means it can grow for 10 years or longer!

Tere Lynn has had ultra-long and thick tresses ever since she was a toddler. Her eldest daughter Callan’s hair 36.75 inches, Cendalyn’s is 36 inches, and youngest daughter Chesney’s hair is 26.25 inches.

Every time they wash their hair they each use a quarter bottle of hair conditioner. Their long locks have been sucked up the vacuum, stepped on by strangers and even backed into a heater and singed off.

But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the Russell family’s hair is the fact it may hold secrets and clues about genetics that could prove incredibly valuable for individuals who struggle with hair loss.