Massive gator spotted on Florida golf course, a ‘Jurassic’ moment

An image showing a giant alligator sprawled on a Florida golf course, gazing ominously toward the photographer, is generating a buzz on social media.

According to WINK Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt, the image was captured by Rich Louty at a Sebring golf course.

“Welcome to Florida, home to Jurassic Park,” Devitt wrote on Facebook.

The size of the alligator is unclear but for those who might wonder: The longest alligator recorded in Florida measured 14 feet, 3-1/2 inches; the weight record (involving a different gator) is 1,043 pounds.

Adult alligators prey largely on fish, snakes, small mammals, turtles, and birds, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Golfers, thankfully, aren’t on their menu.

Devitt’s post generated 2,000 comments from residents and outsiders who were impressed by the colossal size of the reptile in the image.

“I have lived in Florida all my life. That is the biggest one I have seen,” one person wrote.

A non-resident chimed in: “I love sunny Florida, but these guys keep me from living there.”

Another top comment: “We have lived in Florida since ’89. The biggest I have ever seen was laying across a canal near a boat ramp in Debary about 20 years ago. He was a bit bigger than this one. We just turned the boat around and went the other way.”

To be sure, a gator of this size lends new meaning to the term “water hazard,” or in this case a fairway hazard to be avoided at all costs.

Reads another comment: “Well that will certainly SLOW DOWN your game.”