Make liquor in the house with a Tabletop Moonshine Still

Even though liquor is legal and you can just drive down to your local beverage warehouse for a jug of alcohol, making booze at home can still be a fun and easy, which is exactly what TableTop Still claims with their DIY spirits Stainless Steel Moonshine Still.
It’s a compact system that requires no running water, and it has a 1/2-gallon capacity. That means it’s small enough to not take over your entire kitchen, but big enough to still make it worth the while. The contraption comes with extremely easy to use instructions that will have you quickly distilling your own alcohol. Most importantly, you can distill without having to worry about any leaching or reaction from other types of metals, since it uses Type 304 stainless steel (the same type used for premium cookware). It’s available now for $250. [Purchase it here]

In case you do plan on buying one, here’s a decent link that talks about laws in the U.S. Laws regarding owning a still, or what you make with one are present at both the federal and state levels. The laws are different everywhere, so do some homework before you begin.