Lueb Popoff Makes Amazing Raccoon And Fox Tree Sculpture

While most people see a dead tree or stump as something of an eye sore, artist and environmentalist Lueb Popoff sees it as an opportunity.

Popoff has figured out how to make true artistic sculptures using only his trusty old chainsaw, a bit of paint, and an unsightly dead tree stump! Somehow, Popoff has the finesse and clarity of mind to slowly and deliberately make cuts using a high-powered piece of equipment with screaming sharp spikes!

The video below shows Popoff chainsawing an old stump over a two-week period. What started as a husk of a dead tree was turned into something absolutely breathtaking. A gorgeous sculpture filled with cute little forest critters climbing up and around the tree.

Popoff spends a lot of his time in his Colorado home, but from time to time he’ll take a job “offsite” in someone’s backyard. Popoff is a true artist, and when you see what his final product looks like, you’ll easily agree that he’s one of the best chainsaw sculptures in existence!

While most people struggle to make a clean cut when using these powerful cutting tools, this man has developed his abilities over the years to make small cuts that are finished off with sanding equipment for the tiny little pieces. What an incredible video to watch!

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