Jon Stewart Shares Emotional Tribute To His Beloved Dog Who Passed Away

Almost ten years ago, Jon Stewart retired from “The Daily Show” to focus on a new endeavor — opening a sanctuary for farm animals with his wife, Tracey, in New Jersey. Since then, the couple’s Hockhockson Farm Foundation has been haven for dozens of animals in need.

And through it all, there’s been someone special by the Stewarts’ side:

Their dog, Dipper.

Stewart, who recently returned to helm of “The Daily Show” on Mondays, devoted a segment this week to his beloved dog — announcing that after 12 happy years Dipper had passed away.

The Stewart family had adopted Dipper from Animal Haven in New York, after which the pup would join him at the studio, greeting guests and faithfully waiting for Stewart to exit the stage at the end of the show.

“In a world of good boys, he was the best,” Stewart said.

At times, Stewart struggled to maintain his composure while describing just how much dear Dipper meant to him:

To many viewers, this was their first introduction to Dipper — but the sentiment Stewart expressed is likely to be a familiar one to anyone who’s loved and lost a cherished pet. They’re the stars behind the scenes in so many happy lives.