It Was Supposed To Be A Child’s Playhouse, But This Retired Couple Had Other Plans…

No matter what you do for a living, retirement is probably a much-anticipated chapter of your life. Many folks — myself included — dream of the day when they can finally kick back and enjoy their golden years.

But for some, when it’s officially time to hang up their boots, freedom can be a little scary… When you’ve spent so much of your life working, what do you do when your time is your own again?

Well, for one couple in Wapwallopen, PA, the decision was an easy one: Pack up, move out, and head to greener pastures. But this would be no ordinary move. No, Jason and his wife had some unique plans.

Like many people around the world, this retired couple would be settling into a tiny house, one built by hand. But this little house was unlike any other, because it was never intended to be a home…

After admiring their beautiful little home, be sure to watch the video at the end.
Jason and his wife, both teachers, knew that when they retired, they wanted to move onto their family orchard. But when it came time to bid their colleagues farewell, they decided to do something a bit shocking.
With designs for an 8×10 child’s playhouse — purchased but never assembled for their daughter, now very grown — they began to build. Their goal? To live “life at a slower pace, filled with wonder and adventure.”
“Our goal is to live simply, to engage in meaningful work, and to enjoy the gift of time in a beautiful setting,” Jason wrote on his blog “Life At 6 MPH.”
According to Jason, the call of Life at 6 MPH was “a driving force.” But the movement towards a slower, more engaged lifestyle had already begun 10 years ago, when the couple cancelled their cable and downsized to a smaller-than-average home.
Now, on their orchard in Northeast Pennsylvania, the couple is further distancing themselves from fast-paced living. They now enjoy smalltown pleasantries — like when a pick-up truck drove by their construction and called, “Nice job!”
As construction continued on the peaceful hills of their peach, plum, and apple orchard, Jason was reminded of Anne of Green Gables and songs like “Up on the Roof” by The Drifters.
The house was built upon a 15’x16′ pad of concrete, the perfect size for the tiny house and a small patio. From this little back porch, they looked forward to enjoying the fruit blossoms.
Though Jason and his wife had originally planned to only spend two nights a week in the house (traveling the remainder of their time), things changed when construction was complete.
After spending their first night in the home, the couple stayed in the cozy cottage nearly full-time for a year!
Now, Jason and his wife look forward to whatever life brings their way. “We are setting off on an adventure that has no defined ending point,” wrote Jason.
Though they’ve sacrificed much for their new lifestyle, they held fast to certain luxuries, like a full stove. “It isn’t a house if we can’t bake cookies,” Jason told his wife.
However, certain typical house fixtures — like a toilet and shower — were left out. Instead, they use the farm’s bath building.
Water is provided to the kitchen via a pump faucet, which is connected to a five-gallon water jug. It drains into a bucket, which they must empty periodically.
But the house, though compact and rather unplugged, is comfortable for the couple. In their sunny loft, Jason’s wife is able to fully stand. Their cat seems to enjoy it, too!
Now, between their travels, Jason and his wife return to their happy little home, baking cookies, reminiscing, and tending the orchard.
For less than the cost of a car, this retired couple is enjoying a simple, sweet, and slow life. Doesn’t it seem perfect?
To see another Victorian-inspired tiny house, be sure to watch the video below! Please SHARE if you’d like to retire this way, too!



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