It Looks Like A Bowl Of Cereal. But Look Closer… Can You Tell What It REALLY Is?

This certainly looks like a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. There’s even a carton of milk being poured into it and a spoon on the side. But wait…look again. The milk is suspended in midair! In fact, this isn’t a bowl of cereal at all.

It’s a cake. It’s a cake! How is it a cake? I am truly flabbergasted at the amount of creativity and innovation that went into making this deceptively delicious Cinnamon Toast Crunch cake.

Yep, you can cut right into it. Yes, even the bowl. I love magic cakes like this one with secret marshmallow Peeps inside or this St. Paddy’s cake with hidden clovers.

Youtube dessert guru My Cupcake Addiction went all out for her Cinnamon Toast Crunch challenge. She and fellow Youtube bakers were tasked with making a brand spanking new recipe that incorporated the cereal.

Her take on it is pretty incredible. She constructed a lifelike bowl of cereal out of edible materials to make an entire cake!

I have to admit, as a non-baker, all the supplies necessary were a little intimidating but once I saw that it was just melting chocolate and layering cake it didn’t seem so hard.

What You’ll Need:

Silicone or Soft-Flex pudding bowl
Cake board
Cotton balls
2×18 gauge flower wires
1 plastic balloon stick
Serrated knife
1 bag red Candy Melts
2 cups Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
Cinnamon frosting
Cinnamon cake batter
Cooking spray
100 grams white fondant
Watch the below video to see how this incredible work of dessert art is made!

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