If You’ve Ever Considered Tiny House Living, You Have GOT To Check Out These…

The less you own, the less owns you.

This sentiment sums up the appeal of the Tiny House Movement. It’s freedom from debt, consumption, and immobility.

Life in a mini-dwelling is certainly minimalistic. Due to the snug space, you can’t own much, and the amount you spend building a petite abode is also minimal — some people construct an entire structure between $5,000–$25,000.

The most appealing aspect, however, is because the tiny house lifestyle frees you of material possessions and soul-crippling debt, you’re free to travel — in your tiny hou
se! All you have to do is simply add wheels, like this one couple that decided to ditch their day jobs and trek through the country in their self-built tiny house.

It really gives new meaning to the term “traveling light.”

It all sounds like a dream, right? But, is this kind of lifestyle right for you?

A very special place in Portland, OR allows you to dip your toes in the tiny house lifestyle. How? Take a little peek into this big opportunity…
On an urban lot in Northeast Portland is a collection of tiny houses. Yet, is it a community? A convoy? What?
This assembly of itty-bitty abodes is the brainchild of Deb Delman and Kol Peterson, who noticed that people were interested in tiny house-living.
But there wasn’t a place for people to sample the lifestyle and see if it was right for them.
So they opened Caravan — the country’s first tiny house hotel.
Caravan is a getaway for tiny house enthusiasts to “kick the tires and take measurements of various tiny house designs,” according to their site.
It’s also a place where one can test out the small, space-efficient lifestyle and see if it’s right for them.
They currently have six tiny houses available for guests, each with its own unique artistic features and names like “Rosebud,” “Skyline,” and “Roly Poly,” which is the house below.
The tiny houses are built on trailers with wheels and range between 100–200 square feet.
Three of the tiny houses can sleep four people, two houses sleep up to three, and one sleeps up to two.
Each tiny house has a bathroom with a toilet and hot shower.
The houses have electric heat and loft bedrooms.
The kitchens also have a refrigerator, microwave, and hot plate.
There is a central gathering space where there is a barbecue, fire pit, chairs, a hammock, and lots of locally made metal, stained glass, and recycled art.
Check out the video below to see how two funny folks from the sketch show Portlandia hilariously responded to the experience of living in a tiny house at Caravan.

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