I Woke Up At 5am To Capture A Train Crossing The Landwasser Viaduc, Switzerland

As a passionate photographer and filmmaker, when the snow fell in Switzerland a few months ago, I couldn’t resist waking up at 5 am and taking the first train to the Filisur, a small village in the heart of the swiss alps. After hiking for a couple of minutes, I reach this spot perched above this magical bridge.

All was covered with fresh snow. When the red train arrives and crossed the Landwasser Viaduc, the scenery amazed me as never before. I think no words can describe this winter wonderland.










  1. Sandra says:


  2. Marie Butler says:

    Thank you for the beauty

  3. Priscilla Klockzien says:

    Awesome, where did you fly or drive to( city). . We are in wi.

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