How To Make Festive Yarn Hat Ornaments

The holiday season is all about handmade decorations, like these adorable yarn hat ornaments! They are the perfect craft for any household, and only require a few simple supplies. So come on, let’s get creative!

What you’ll need to get started: scissors, ruler, yarn, pencil, and toilet paper roll. First, flatten your toilet paper roll. Take your ruler and make approximately 3/4 inch marks going all of the way across. Then, cut them apart. Now cut the yarn into 14 inch long segments. You’re next going to knot the yarn onto one of the toilet paper loops (watch how the video-blogger from Handimania does it!). After you have all of the pieces knotted on, divide the ends into two parts and reeve them separately to the opposite side. Pull the yarn and disperse it evenly around the strip.

Take a piece of yarn and tie it around the group of strings to create your pom-pom. Then your little hat needs a good trim. Cut the yarn pieces to your desired hat length. Are you ready for this? Look how absolutely precious your snow hat ornament looks! What a perfect decoration for the holiday season.