How to Make an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Man up your garden with this adventurous DIY project. Take the bold step of making your own pizza oven in the backyard. We won’t lie to you, it will need some work. So, roll up your sleeves and grab those bags of cement. Here is what you will need to do in order to succeed with your future pizzas:

• a bag or more of sharp sand;
• a bag of builders sand (perfect for detailed work);
• a bag of cement;
• some aggregate;
• a spade for mixing;
• a trowel for brick laying;
• some heat resistant bricks;
• a large sheet of cellophane;
• some unused pieces of wood or foam; for shaping the arch;
• a wooden pallet;
• a drill;
• some wood screws;
• a wood saw;
• an outdoor chipboard;
• (optional) a bucket or pot for the chimney;
To begin with, you must know that the amounts suggested may vary according to what size you want the oven to be. First, create the base with the help of the pallet. Mix one part cement with two parts sharp sand and four parts aggregate and pour it in the wooden pallet mould with the spade. Flatten the surface via a long wooden baton.