How to Butcher Short Ribs – where do they come from?

Learn about the different styles of short rib that you might find in your supermarket meat case and at your local butcher shop. Understand where they come from, see how they are butchered, and know what to ask for.

Every steer has 13 ribs, but traditional short ribs come from ribs #5-8.

What is the difference between English cut, flanken cut, and kalbi?

What is the serratus ventralis and the latissimus dorsi?

In this video we teamed up with Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in New York City’s Chelsea Market.

And collaborated with Tastemade Partner, Sweet y Salado, to bring you a recipe for Colombian sancocho.

Tattoos courtesy of Tattly.

Music courtesy of Audio Network.



  1. William W Nietsch says:

    Really liked the info on “The President”, one of world’s oldest trees. Nicely done!