How a to Grow An Endless Supply Of Ginger Indoors

Have you ever thought about planting your danger? Growing your own ginger can provide you with a hands on herb, health benefits and it is so easy you will regret not doing it if you use a lot of Ginger.

Ginger or ginger root is the root of the Zingiber officinal plant; it is used in medicine or as a spice. Ginger is indigenous to southern China. Ginger was first exported to Europe for the spice trade. India remains the largest producer of the ginger root plant.

Ginger can help soothe stomach distress, respiratory problems, arthritis, and menstrual pains, you can also use ginger to treat burns. Ginger has been around for at least three thousand years. A pound of ginger could cost as much as a sheet in England in the 14th century.

Ginger can take up to 10 months to completely mature if growing at home. If you live in a climate where it gets cold often it is preferred to Plant your ginger root in a pot and keep it in your house.

When planting ginger at home, you need to find root stems that are thick and smooth. Shedding skin or thinning roots are signs that the ginger may have been stored too long to effectively sprout. When wanting to plant ginger it is best to purchase from a garden center or a seed catalog.

When you have the correct root and are ready to plant, you will want to soak the roots in water overnight and then cut the roots into pieces. You will also want to make sure that the segments have at least a few bumps that are the buds from which new plants will grow.
Ginger likes a sheltered spot, shallow but wide pots, warm weather, humidity and moist soil. Here are the steps to planting your ginger:
1. Soak the ginger roots overnight in warm water to get it ready for planting.
2 fill your pot with rich but well-draining potting soil.
3 stick the ginger root with the eye bud sticking up in the soil and cover it with 1 to 2 inches of soil and water it well.
4. Place the pot in an area of the house that stays considerably warm and does not get much bright sunlight.
5. You must keep the soil moist to do this use a spray bottle to mist the soil or you may water it lightly.
6. After a few weeks, you will notice a shoot popping out of the soil continue to water the plant regularly by misting it with a spray bottle and keeping it warm.

Ginger can take 8 to 10 months to mature completely however you can still use the root for whatever your need before the eight-month mark. When you want to use ginger before it is completely matured just be sure to dig carefully at the side of the comp and then cut off whatever, you need.

After 8 to 10 months have passed, you can dig up the whole plant. If you would like to keep your ginger growing, you can dig up the plant and then repot it and do this process all again to keep your ginger harvesting.