He Wraps Bacon Around Beef and Cheese. The Result? BACON EXPLOSION!

Snow boots, comfy scarves, lip balm, sidewalk salt, humidifiers, and copious amounts of coffee are winter essentials. But you know what other unexpected item also is? Bacon.


You can’t eat salads in the winter. If you do, you’ll freeze. January through May are not diet months. They are fatty, chubby blubber months. You need insulation to stay warm, so you need to eat richer foods. And what’s a better pig-out food than pig itself? So, in the winter, bacon must be consumed. It’s not an option.

But you know what will keep you even warmer?

If you add a little cheese, beef, and barbecue sauce to bacon — like in the video below. Consume that kind of power-trio and you’ll feel toasty during a blizzard in Alaska.

The recipe in this video not only looks delicious, it’s also served on a stick. And if corn dogs, kabobs, and popsicles have taught us anything, it’s that if it comes on a stick, it’s scrumptious!

To see how to make this amazing treat, watch the video below.

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