He Reveals The ONLY Way To Put On A Duvet Cover And It’s GENIUS!

My bed is my happy place – it’s cozy, comfy, warm and fuzzy. Nothing brings me greater joy than stretching out in my pile of fluff, but when it comes to preparing my slumber spot, it couldn’t be more opposite!

Does anyone actually enjoy making their bed?! Sure it gives you a sense of accomplishment to get that done first thing in the morning, but if you actually like struggling with a fitted sheet, squeezing pillows into their sac, and drowning in a duvet cover, you’re obviously completely insane! I may not be able to help with the first two, but I did make a stunning revelation today about duvet covers and you need to know about it.

Apparently, I’ve been going about it the wrong way my entire life and there is actually a very simple way to get the duvet cover on the blanket without giving yourself a major headache. Leave it to YouTube’s king of “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?!”, CrazyRussianHacker, to show the rest of us the only way to get the job done. This is one life hack you are going to want to remember, so pay close attention!



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