He Pours Popcorn Kernels In A Brown Paper Bag. Why? I Had NO Idea!!

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching a movie with a big ‘ol bucket of popcorn. We’ve seen quick, easy stove top popcorn recipes before, but this one below is also perfect for single servings.

Courtesy of Grant Thompson, the “King of Random,” here’s a surefire way to make single bags of delicious microwave popcorn at home. They’re tasty, and ready to serve in just a couple of minutes. Not to mention they’re cheaper than the name brands, and free from any nasty chemicals.

Grant says some research suggests that store-bought microwave popcorn may contain harmful chemicals in the heat-resistant lining that are released when the kernels are cooked. So, after much experimentation, he found the perfect way to ensure yummy, health-conscious popcorn every single time.

This technique applies a brown paper bag method, and uses olive oil and salt to taste.

“I found that if the kernels were coated in the oil first, they would pop faster, and be more complete. I also found that throwing all the ingredients in at the same time will still season everything and yield a great taste. You could shake the bag to make the contents more uniform, but it still works either way! Just for fun, my wife suggested I try adding some sugar to see if it would make instant kettle corn .. and it did!

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