He Pours Coffee On Condensed Milk. Watch What Happens When He Freezes It…

Homemade ice cream is usually much more delicious than the stuff you buy at the store, but for many people, it’s too difficult to make…until now.

The Australian YouTube personality known as the One Pot Chef has a knack for making delicious recipes incredibly simple. In fact, this ice-cream recipe only requires three ingredients! Yep, you read that correctly. If you can measure and mix, you can have a scrumptious homemade treat that will leave anyone who eats it begging for more — if you can bring yourself to share, that is. In fact, this recipe is so quick and easy that it seems like it would be simply delectable when paired with this cake that you can bake in a jar!

Best of all, this treat looks exactly how ice cream is supposed to look: thick, creamy, and mouth-watering. I hate it when I find an easy recipe, but it tastes like I took a shortcut. But just like this easy five-minute quiche, nobody will ever guess that you hardly took any time out of your busy day to make this dessert. Life is too short to eat anything but delicious food, and it’s definitely too short to spend hours and hours making said delicious food. Luckily, the One Pot Chef has blessed us with a treat that we can spend more time enjoying than making.