He Cracks The Egg Over Onion Rings, And Reveals This GENIUS Kitchen Trick!

Need to water the greenery but don’t have a watering can? Grab an empty milk jug, top it up with water and poke about 20 holes in the cap, then voila! You’re practically a green thumb.

Ever want to spoil your family with a gourmet breakfast but you don’t know where to start? Simply cut a few large circles from an onion, put the stove on medium heat and throw them in! After a minute, crack eggs into the open circles and let it cook for 3 minutes covered… Presto! A fancy meal worthy of kudos.

Check out these quick n’ easy tips below:

1. Opening a jar

2. Watering plants

3. How-To Gourmet breakfast

4. Keeping cookies soft

5. Liberating refried beans

6. Banana Shoe Shine

7. Stirring spoon holder

8. Stovetop Pizza

9. Oven + Eggs = Dance all night

10. Full figured bread