He Cracks Eggs Into A Muffin Tin — I’m Racing To The Kitchen To Try This!

Get ready, breakfast lovers, because your favorite meal of the day is about to get even better!

There’s no denying that a hearty breakfast makes the day way smoother, but many people like to skip it for one reason or another. However, with so many simple breakfast hacks out there, like the one in this next video, there is no excuse not to start your day in the kitchen.

The following video comes straight from the experts at Food & Wine, so you know it’s going to be a good one. Poached eggs are one of those meals that people tend to love or pass over, and the big reason for that is that the eggs have to be cooked perfectly.

While most people just opt for fried or scrambled eggs, there’s no reason not to try poaching your eggs with this simple trick that can feed up to a dozen people!

This awesome trick is the perfect solution for a brunch party — minimal effort and SO delicious!

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