He Cracks An Egg Into A Potato…You’ll NEVER Look At Cooking Breakfast The Same!

Gone fishing? Camping? Spending a quiet evening in a tent on your front lawn? Then you’ll love this awesome trick!

Watch YouTube user NorthSurvival teach you how to turn your baked potatoes into a hearty breakfast meal with the simple addition of a wholesome egg.

Yes, he burnt the potato skin, but I gotta say…the inside looks delicious with its creamy, starchy, yolky center. NorthSurvival notes that this is not a survival video — it’s just a cool way to cook an egg. You can also wrap the potato in tin foil and put it on the fire, or at home in your oven!

So cool. Next time you want a real outdoorsy breakfast that’s easy to cook and to clean up, keep this in your back pocket. Yum!! Please SHARE this amazing trick!



  1. Kim says:

    Why are they depicted as lacking melanin?