Great White Shark Attacks Inflatable Boat! (Exclusive Video)

Why does a rubber inflatable boat sink in the ocean? Because a Great White Shark has just taken a Chunk out of it!

The attack took place off the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa. MaxAnimal is thrilled to be partnered with legendary adventurer and South African Tour Operator Rainer Schimpf.

Ranier, a world traveler and dive expert is owner and founder of Expert-Tours. The company, based out of Port Elizabeth, is one of the best kept secrets within South Africa.

We applaud Expert-Tours for their level-headedness this particular day. We followed the sardine runs and near Seal Island, we found one very curious, clever and feisty Great White Shark!

Tours with Rainer, out of Port Elizabeth South Africa, can be booked at Expert-Tours.

Is the scariest part when the Shark eyes our folks on the boat? Ah Yeah.

Great White Sharks are amazing creatures. They should be respected and protected.

The awesome Great White can grow to 21 feet in length. It IS THE apex predator of the sea. Except for maybe the ORCA. Great Whites have been around for over 15 million years.

Are they the offspring of the Megalodon? Not sure. Science is still working on that.