Great Tips For Arts And Craft Times With Kids

The Moms from WhatupMoms have collected some brilliant ideas that will make arts and craft times with kids much less stressful and even lots of fun. Kids love arts and crafts, but they can quickly get messy and out of control. These 12 tips will keep supplies neat and make it be a fun and enjoyable time for not only the kids – but also Mom.

She shows to keep paint in soap dispensers, with two cake pans and marbles a quick lazy susan, muffin tins can organize supplies and even shows a solution for dried out markers. These and many other tips will make clean up easier for Mom. These tips can also be very helpful in the classroom as well. Most of the time there are easy solutions that are already available to us, these Moms do a great job of pointing those out to make time with our kids even more enjoyable!