Garage Door Becomes Gorgeous Dining Room Table

Home renovations often birth beautiful new living spaces and, inversely, yield a lot of waste.

When Instructables user jmitch77 renovated his garage — swapping out its heavy, old, red pine door for a lighter, aluminum version — he tasked himself with gifting the beautiful original door some sort of new second purpose in his family’s lives.

After using part of it to craft himself a nice workbench, he looked at the larger leftover chunk and envisioned a beautiful plan — he’d make a dining room table.

This builder sanded off years of dirt, grime, and paint from the door’s surface. Then, he adorned it with handcrafted, farmhouse table legs.

With a sturdy frame secured to its underbelly for support, and shiny epoxy coating its top, this old garage door found itself living a beautiful second existence, as a dining room table his family instantly adored.

Scroll through our gallery to learn more about how this DIY-er transformed a normal garage door into an extraordinary dining room table.


A few years back, Instructables user jmitch77 replaced his old, red pine garage door with a newer, lighter, aluminum option.

Instead of simply trashing the old door, though, he held onto it. He was sure red pine this gorgeous would come in handy someday.

Eventually, he repurposed one of the door’s panels into a workbench, but took his time devising the perfect plan for upcycling the rest.

One day, inspiration struck him. He decided to transform the remaining panels into a new dining room table.


His project began with extensive cleaning.

Since folks would be eating off this table, he made sure to fully strip it of all the grime, dirt, and paint its wood had accumulated over the years.


He sanded the panels down extensively, taking great care in keeping the door’s surface level.

He even had a little helper step in to keep the process fun and exciting.

Once the tabletop was sanded to his liking, he shifted focus toward the table’s legs.

Per his wife’s suggestion, he built his table a pair of farmhouse table legs. He used new red pine for these, to pair nicely with the old garage door panel wood.

This skilled builder also torched the legs to endow them with weathered character.

Methods like wood torching, though, can be very tricky. Before trying anything like this on your own, always read up on safety precautions.


This DIY-er wanted to ensure his heavy wood tabletop never caved under excess weight, so he built a structural frame onto its underbelly for additional support.

With the structural frame and stained legs in place, it came time to flip the table over, and tackle the epoxy pour.
This DIY-er ever so carefully filled each panel recess with clear epoxy, and then covered the entire tabletop with a final layer of epoxy for leveling purposes.
Once it dried, the epoxy beautifully showcased the old red pine door’s gorgeous texture.

Thanks to his crafty upcycler’s eye, this builder found a beautiful new way to repurpose his old garage door.

He handcrafted an eye-catching, meaningful dining room table, sure to impress every houseguest.


Instead of discarding his old garage door, this DIY-er transformed it into a useful piece of furniture his family now uses every single day.

What do you think of this garage door table? Have you ever upcycled an old garage door? Tell us about your project in the comments.




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