Firefighters rescue drowning baby deer from lake — thank you

Firefighters are sometimes stereotyped as “saving cats from trees,” and while there’s a lot more to the job, there’s some truth to that: firefighters often come to the rescue of animals in need.

These heroic actions can save animals’ lives. That was the case recently, as one firefighter crew came to the aid of a baby deer drowning in a lake.

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Facebook/Rogers Fire Department

According to a Facebook post, the Rogers Fire Department, in Rogers, Arkansas, got a call from a concerned citizen who saw a baby deer stranded in Lake Atalanta.

The poor animal was helpless and drowning, but thankfully the dispatched crew soon came to its aid.

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Photos show the firefighters using equipment to save the deer. The poor animal was reportedly “exhausted” but was able to be safely removed from the lake.

The rescued deer was then released to animal control. The Rogers Fire Department said it was an unusual mission, but it’s all part of the job.

“You never know what calls might come in when you work at the RFD!” they wrote.

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Facebook/Rogers Fire Department

Many Facebook users commented on the story, praising their actions. “At least someone cares about rescuing baby animals,” one comment reads. “Thank you for helping that little guy.”

“It’s just a wee newborn. So glad it was rescued!” another wrote. “I’m sure it was terrified but grateful to have been rescued!”

Thank you for saving this poor baby deer! We’re so glad he’s safe now! 🦌❤️

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