Decadent Rainbow Ice Cream Cake Made Easy

There’s nothing that brings a smile to someone’s face quicker than cake, especially one that as vibrantly crafted as this rainbow ice cream cake. It begins with the multi-colored whipped cream lathered joyously around the surface of the cake, immediately catching curious gazes. The use of sprinkles accentuates this as well, but most of all, what makes this cake stand apart most of all is its clever use of ice cream. The final dessert is affixed with six or so cones of vanilla ice cream, bringing both uniqueness and charm to the cake.

Don’t be fooled, as this cake is more than its visuals. The secret in its divine taste is the homemade vanilla buttercream, a recipe that is surprisingly easy to follow yet yields tasty results. It all comes together to create a far above average treat that is suitable for multiple occasions, especially birthday parties.

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