Camera Captures Heartwarming Moment Wild Manatee Mom And Baby Hug And Kiss

When it comes to observing wildlife, the tour guides with Get Up And Go Kayaking (GUAGK) have seen just about everything Florida’s state parks have to offer. Floating in transparent kayaks, the guides and their guests get firsthand looks at animal behavior in places like Silver Springs State Park above water and below.

They’re used to seeing animals of all kinds interacting with each other, but a tour guide recently spotted an unexpected and heartwarming moment between a giant mom and her baby — and he captured it all on camera.

“[A] baby manatee and [her] Mama giving hugs to each other on the river today,” Get Up And Go Silver Springs (GUAGSS) wrote on Instagram. “This sweet moment was caught by our guide, Josh.”

You can watch that moment here:

Everyone’s hearts melted as they watched a baby manatee swim over to his mom and plant a wet kiss on her chin. The mother manatee wrapped her flippers around her baby as the tour group floated past them.

While some manatees inhabit Central Florida’s Silver River year-round, there’s always an influx during November and March. Known as Manatee Season, the cooler waters during these months attract manatees, many of whom are looking to expand their families. The giant aquatic mammals, referred to lovingly as “sea cows,” typically leave once the weather and water get warmer.

GUAGK guides are always happy to find new babies in Florida’s state parks, but nothing can compare to seeing a nurturing manatee mom taking care of her baby.

“[We] came across Mama still keeping her baby close to her,” GUAGSS wrote in a separate Instagram post.

As exciting as it is to experience these moments with other animal lovers on kayaking tours, GUAGK always follows protocol when observing animals in the wild, especially when babies are involved.

“If you see this duo along the Silver River, make sure to keep a safe distance, as it’s very important that new baby manatees have the ability to get air when they need and [that] the mama has room to feed her and graze, as she’s working hard to keep her baby healthy,” GUAGSS wrote.

GUAGK guides are still enjoying Manatee Season this year, and they love sharing these special moments with their guests. They’re not sure if this particular mama manatee and her baby will stay after the season ends, but they’re overjoyed to share the waters with them while they’re still around.

They adore all the animals they encounter on their trips, but there will always be a special place in their hearts for their beloved manatees.

“There’s something peaceful about watching these amazing creatures slowly flow with the current,” GUAGSS wrote on Instagram. “[We] could watch them gracefully swim all day long.”

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