Award-Winning Photographer Captures Adorable Scenes In The Wilderness

Julian Rad, a wildlife photographer from Austria, shows the most lovable wildlife shots of squirrels, hamsters, and foxes that you’ve probably ever seen. I recently came across his work on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with his adorable, funny images. Back in 2015, he won the renowned Comedy Wildlife Photography Award with his image of a running hamster, titled “Rush hour”.

We watch nature shows about the big five, while ignoring the daily lives and struggles of the little animals we share our environment with. Especially with animals as quick and skittish as a rodent, capturing just the right moment with a wild subject is no easy task – but Julian has done it so masterfully.

A ground squirrel that enjoys sniffing a flower, a hamster climbing up a blackberry branch or a red squirrel trying to reach for a walnut – each of his images tells a story and evokes emotions. Wildlife photographers always fascinated me for their patience and it seems that Julian wouldn’t mind waiting thousands of hours to get the perfect shot.

#1 Just… A Little… Bit… Closer

#2 “Ohh.. Who Are You?”

#3 Rush Hour

#4 Happy Fox

#5 Ooh

#6 European Hamster

#7 Red Squirrel

#8 Squirrel & Tulip

#9 Thirsty

#10 Say Cheeeeese

#11 A Handful Of Flowers

#12 Acrobat

#13 “Can I Touch You?”

#14 Red Fox

#15 Kung Fu Squirrels

#16 Happy Fox

#17 “Hey Mr. Snowman, Can I Eat Your Head?”

#18 Red Squirrel

#19 Red Squirrel

#20 Reflections

#21 The Giant Blowbal

#22 Hamster & Spruce Cone

#23 Florist



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  2. Marie Butler says:

    Thank you for the beauty

  3. Priscilla Klockzien says:

    Awesome, where did you fly or drive to( city). . We are in wi.

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  5. Shannon Fisher says:

    I’d like to know where each picture was taken. They are Absolutely Stunning!!!

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