ASL Lesson – Learning Emotions

Learn ASL signs for emotions such as hope, feel, happy, funny, sad, love, hate, exciting, angry, mad, like, don’t like, tired, bored, and many more.
This ASL (American Sign Language) lesson is about emotions. Our guest speaker for lesson is Renee Trempe. Here are just some of the words you will learn:

emotion, hope, feel, better, all right, happy, sad, love, hate, exciting, angry, mad, like, dislike, awesome, awful, terrible, funny, stupid, strong, weak, good, bad, hyper, tired,
relax, crazy, fun, bored, sick, falling in love, friendly, mean, hurt, frustrated, motivated, lazy

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  1. William W Nietsch says:

    Really liked the info on “The President”, one of world’s oldest trees. Nicely done!