After I Saw This Video, I Never Bought Potato Chips Again.

Potato chips are, simply put, my vice. The one indulgence I allow myself on a weekly basis. While I’m otherwise a very healthy person, for some reason I just can’t say no to a handful (or entire bag) of chips! Good thing I stumbled across this video, because now I can eat my chips without the guilt!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make your own healthy version of those deliciously addicting snacks, then this clip is for you. I really didn’t believe a microwave could deliver such crispy taters, but after watching this video, I decided to try its and I have to say, it really works! The microwave is the perfect device for delivering yummy homemade chips, every time!

If you’ve tried — and failed — to make healthy chips in the oven (mine always came out burnt), then try this trick and let us know if it works!



  1. Kim says:

    Why are they depicted as lacking melanin?