Abandoned Baby Fox Forms A Special Bond With Two Orphaned Badger Cubs At The Animal Shelter

This is really cute; it feels like something out of a Disney movie, but it’s actually happening.

An animal refuge in Whitby matched two orphaned badgers with an abandoned young fox cub named Phoebe, and the strange trio’s budding bond has amazed animal lovers.

When a small fox cub, just two months old, was brought to the shelter for care, the staff was utterly bewildered because, strangely enough, they did not have any other foxes to pair her with.

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Staff at the shelter came up with a daring plan to prevent Phoebe from becoming dependent on people for sustenance and companionship: they would put her in touch with two abandoned badgers and see if she might befriend them.
In Meltham, West Yorkshire, two young badger cubs were spotted walking the streets, and in Leeds, a fox named Phoebe was found scared and alone in a cardboard box.

While no one from Phoebe’s family was ever located, a dead adult badger was discovered on the road, which was thought to be the mother of Betty and Bella.

Staff at North Yorkshire’s Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary chose to house the three animals together after transferring the small fox and badgers there separately.

In spite of the natural animosity between the two species, the three cubs—two months old and counting—have discovered comfort in each other’s presence.

They are doing quite well thanks to Alexandra Farmer, the chief executive officer.

It is said that when badgers and foxes share a hunting area, the badger is typically considered to be the stronger and more dominant species, and it is more probable that the badger will fight or drive the fox away.
The remarkable bond formed in Whitby is further enhanced by the rarity of sightings of the creatures in their natural habitat.

Animal enthusiasts in Surrey were both puzzled and amused by another strange mating in 2013. Billie, an injured badger, was taken in by Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue after being discovered near her mother’s body. Pixie the fox and Billie hit it off the moment they met, thanks to the center.

The animals at Maltby’s wildlife sanctuary are expected to help care for each other in the hopes that they will be able to be reintroduced into the wild in the future.