A New Twist On Flavored Coffee

Sal Governale, a writer/producer on the Howard Stern show, created a YouTube channel dedicated to making delicious meals in small spaces with limited resources. The appropriately titled channel – Big Meals, Small Places – began with tutorials on how to cook and prepare food using only a toaster oven. Since then, the channel has developed a bit more and now boasts a range of different videos, with food still as the primary focus. Sal frequently takes requests from YouTube users and will produce a video as a response. The below video is a response to Christine, who voiced her love for flavored coffee. Sal knew just what to do.
All this requires is milk, coffee, and a sleeve of Oreos. It’s incredibly simple and the outcome is mouth-watering. I can’t believe I’ve never stumbled upon anything like this. Here at SFG, we love those unsuspected food hacks that change the way we look at certain items. This one is definitely getting bookmarked.

Check out Sal’s tutorial below and feel free to follow along. Are you a fan of flavored coffee? Will you try this one at home? If you do, be sure to let us know how it turns out! If you enjoyed the video, and found it as crafty as we did, share it on Facebook with your family and friends.