A Couple Buys This Old, Abandoned Church. What They Do Inside? I Screamed!

We’ve seen some pretty incredible home renovations — like the family who redid their entire bathroom just for their dog — but the one you’re about to see is my new favorite.

The St. Nicholas Church was old and abandoned, sitting on a plot of land in Kyloe, Northumberland. For years, the church remained in poor condition. It was built in the 1790s. The yard is full of headstones. Considering these facts, you’d never know this historic church keeps a gorgeous secret inside.

After one couple fell in love with the church, they decided to buy it and move in. They restored key elements, like the vaulted ceilings and original stained glass windows, and they invested time and money to maintain the structure while re-adapting the interior to give it a modern home atmosphere.

The exterior remains intact, except for skylights running the length of the roof. Original stained glass windows throughout and repurposed church fixtures abound, and much of the original seating in the church was refinished and placed throughout the home. And unused wood and building materials were fashioned into a dramatic staircase leading from the main living space to an upper-level library.

While making a home out of an old church may sound crazy to many people, this couple managed to save the structure from deterioration and create something beautiful in the process.

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The St. Nicholas Church is located Kyloe, Northumberland of the U.K. It was built in 1792, then deconsecrated in the ’80s. For the next 20 years, it stood abandoned, until a couple decided to buy the church and convert it into a gorgeous home.
Just take a look at this awesome family kitchen, built from pitch-pine reclaimed from old church pews and roof timbers. It also has underfloor heating and a log burning stove as well.
The St. Nicholas property comprises one acre of land, a large garden, and outbuildings. Inside, there are 4/5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, 2 kitchens and a huge open plan living area.
The French bathroom is split over three levels, featuring stunning stained glass windows so guests can enjoy the views from the tub.
The second bedroom provides ideal guest accommodation and is large enough for a super king size bed and additional furniture.
But here is the main bedroom, with a hand built super-king size bed replacing the altar, backed by eight beautiful stained glass panels. Can you imagine sleeping in the apse?!
-The home also boasts a spectacular open living space with high ceilings, stained glass windows, and double staircase and balcony. And when the winter cold strikes, heating is courtesy of six Victorian cast iron radiators.
These old churches were built with great care and craftsmanship. Who knows what would have happened to the once-decrepit space, had the couple not decided to move in.
The grand dining room is located in the nave of the church. The new owners restored key elements, like the vaulted ceilings and original stained glass windows, and they invested time and money to maintain its exterior and interior while readapting the interior to give it a homelike atmosphere.