Annual Whale Hunt On Faroe Islands Turns Sea Red With Blood

Horrific photos have emerged of a brutal slaughter of a pod of whales on a remote Arctic island. The animals are routinely rounded up and butchered in cold blood over the course of a year as part of ‘tradition’. One of the mass culls happens every summer, with thousands of pilot and beaked whales meeting their maker in bays across the Danish-owned Faroe Islands. Sickening images sho

New law being passed makes it a felony to leave a pet in a hot car. Do you support this idea?

In 2017, there really is no excuse for pet owners to be ignorant of the dangers of leaving an animal in a hot car. And since we love animals around here, we were really happy to hear about a new law in Nevada that will help keep pets safe. Local television news station KSNV is reporting that Nevada state Senate bill 409 passed during its last legislative session. This bill would criminalize t

Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms

It's a big news, shocking, yet amazing, and entertaining to the world. But unluckily, it has nothing to do with aliens stoners melding with Earth's plants. But, since you're now reading, you'll almost definitely be concerned about this research that looked into the clicking and sharing activities of social media users reading content (or not) and then sharing it on social media. I have notice

Three Poachers Are Eaten By Lions At South African Nature Reserve

A group of poachers who broke into a nature reserve in South Africa to hunt for rhinos have been attacked and eaten by a pride of lions. It wasn't long ago that the body of David Baloyi was found in Mozambique after he was devoured by the predators and now the MailOnline reports that the same has happened to at least three illegal hunters. The gang were attempting to slaughter a herd rhinos

Fishermen Think They Found A Seal Floating On An Iceberg, Then They Take A Closer Look

Life at sea brings all manner of incredible experiences and challenges, with the proximity to the beauty and power of mother nature offering a view of the world that too few of us ever see. Fishermen Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell and Allan Russell were out a few miles off shore from Labrador, Canada recently when they came across something quite extraordinary. Something was atop a small, mush

Incredible Timelapse Shows Storm Dumping Tonnes Of Water In Alpine Lake

This was the moment an amateur filmmaker captured the incredible spectacle of a storm dumping tonnes of water into an Alpine lake. 27-year-old Peter Maier, who is from Carinthia in Switzerland and works as a fitter in the energy industry in Basel, filmed the precise moment of the weather anomaly – known as a wet microburst – in a time-lapse video during a stay at the Lake Millsatt in Aust

Rude Mom Mocks ‘Dirty’ Stranger At Store So He Unveils His True Identity In Facebook Post

Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington was out running errands when he had a very unexpected encounter with a mother and her young daughter. As he entered a store, he noticed a little girl staring at him. He admittedly had some dirt on his face from a long hot day working at his construction site. The little girl and her mother ended up in front of Andy as he was checking out, still staring at h

Australia Doesn’t Exit And People Who Live There Are Actors Paid By NASA – Flat Earthers Claim

There's a growing number of people who seem to think the world is, in fact, flat. But it gets better. They also insist that Australia is actually just one big hoax. According to a viral Facebook rant, the entire country (and presumably the 24 million people that live there) is completely FAKE. The idea resurfaced at a some recent gathering of the so-called Flat Earthers in the Birmingham rece

African Immigrant Climbs 4 Storeys With His Bare Hands In Less Than 30 Secs To Save 4-Year-Old Dangling From Balcony

Six months ago Mamoudou Gassama, 22, was back in his home country of Mali, dreaming of following in the footsteps of many of his countrymen to build a new life in Paris. Now, the undocumented immigrant is being hailed as a hero, and will today meet the President amid calls for him to receive his papers and be allowed to officially settle in France. It all started on Saturday afternoon, as Mam

Everyone Is Applauding This National Geographic Cover But The Real Shock Lies Inside The Pages

National Geographic magazine has just launched an informative and shockingly revealing campaign called Planet or Plastic? and it is something that we all need to see and learn from. Many of us are aware that there is far too much plastic in our environment. We all feel a little guilty when throwing yet another single-use plastic wrapping straight into the trash, knowing that we are contributing