Would you sleep in a glass lodge on the side of a Peruvian cliff?

There’s nothing like waking up to stunning vistas and inspirational landscapes, especially while travelling. But a unique accommodation concept – sleeping in a glass pod precariously placed on the side of a Peruvian cliff – has taken the idea of a room with a view to a new extreme.

Guests can sleep beneath the stars, perched on the side of a cliff in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Created by Natura Vive, the Skylodge Adventure Suites are luxury capsules that hang from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru, approximately 15 kilometres north of Cuzco. To sleep at Skylodge, guests are required to climb 400 metres of protected trail using ziplines.

Each capsule has six windows and offers 300-degree views. 

Composed of three pods with a total capacity for eight people, the capsules hang from a 1200-foot mountain, and offer guests a 300-degree view of the Sacred Valley. Handcrafted from aerospace aluminium and weather resistant polycarbonate, each suite comes complete with beds, a dining area and a private bathroom. Each capsule is 24 foot in length and eight foot in height and width, and is composed of six windows and four ventilation ducts, while an exit portal is located at the top. Bookings come with private transportation to and from the hotel, dedicated bilingual guides, equipment, snacks for the ascent, a gourmet dinner with bottle of wine and breakfast over the Sacred Valley.

The experience includes breakfast with unbeatable views.

Suggested itineraries are available at the Natura Vive website, with packages catering for adventure and climbing enthusiasts. Guests are advised to wear comfortable clothes, hiking shoes and thermal jackets, with the coldest months being June to August. The base camp provides purified water, and approaches providing the accommodation in an eco-friendlyway, with the pods even coming equipped with dry ecological toilets.

Guests are required to climb 400 metres of a protected trail to reach the rooms. 

Prices start at 1425 Peruvian sol (US$410) for a zipline adventure and one night stay. More information on booking is available at the official Natura Vive website.