When You See What She’s Making, Your Jaw Will Drop!

Milk and cookies may be a classic snack for kids, but you can turn snack time into something special for your kids with this next recipe. The great part? You only need two everyday ingredients to make these fun treats.

In the video demonstration below, a mom shows you how to make fun and easy fruit roll-ups for kids using just fruit and honey!

Along with the help of her daughter, Mom mixes five cups of fresh fruit and honey in a blender until very smooth. Then, she pours the mixture onto parchment-lined baking sheets and places them in the oven, cooking at 225 degrees. Approximately two-to-three hours later, she removes the roll-ups from the oven when they are not sticky. Then, she slices and rolls.

This is so easy, and kids love it. Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by making these fruit roll-ups at home as opposed to buying the packaged brands at the store.

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