When She Slices Into A Roast? I Had NO Idea, But Can’t Wait To Try!

Courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen, you’re about to learn how to tie, sear, and time your way to a perfectly cooked beef roast.

If you’re investing time and money in cooking this amazing feast, then it’s safe to say you want the end product to be nothing short of delicious.

So, here are five kitchen tips to ensure your roast is perfect every time:

Sprinkle outside with kosher salt, then let rest at room temp for an hour. The salt draws out the meat’s juices, making it more flavorful!
Tie the roast into a uniform shape using string before cooking.
Sear the meat for 2–3 minutes on a skillet before putting it into the — this jump-starts the crust formation.
Make sure you set the right oven temp depending on the roast’s size and shape. Temps can range from between 225–450 degrees.
Let the meat rest for at least 10 minutes before cutting into it.