WATCH: Why Is She Putting Ornaments On A Hanger? When You See The Result, You’ll Want To Do It Too.

The word wreath is derived from the old English word “writhen”, which means “to writhe” or “to twist”. That is why traditional Christmas wreaths are made by twisting evergreen branches into a large circle. Oftentimes, evergreens are used to create wreaths as they symbolize strength, in part because they survive through the harshest winters. Finished wreaths are often decorated with pine cones, ornaments and a big red bow.
AJ Harmon of AJ’s Craft Room, a blog dedicated to “creating craft confidence”, opts to create a Christmas wreath with a modern twist. Primarily using dollar store ornaments and leftover wire hangers from the dry cleaner, she transforms these disposable items into a one-of-a-kind festive decoration.



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