WATCH: He Puts Garlic In A Jar And Starts Shaking. The Final Result? A Clever, Easy Kitchen Hack

Garlic is an herb that is often used for flavoring food and sauces. You can often find it as a key ingredient in bases, pasta, soups, and Greek dishes, such as Moussaka. Garlic also has many other uses, like controlling pests, de-icing surfaces, repairing slight cracks in glass, and even improving your health.

The National Institute for Health says that garlic is possibly effective for treating hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attack, colon and rectal cancer, stomach cancer, high blood pressure, tick bites, ringworm, and athletes foot. Please consult your doctor before treating yourself with garlic. However, the next time you use garlic, whatever the use, your hands will not have to smell like it – find out how in this helpful video.