Three Tee-Shirt Hacks To Elevate The Style Of An Old Tee

IIt’s always a good feeling when you can repurpose something with your own hands or get crafty with old belongings. I love doing DIY projects, especially when they’re as easy as the ones in this video. We all have tee-shirts that could use a little extra love to get them back on our go-to list of clothing items. I’m guilty of stuffing a worn tee to the bottom of my drawer when I don’t enjoy wearing it as much as I used to. These easy-to-follow DIYs are going to rescue more than one frumpy tee from my collection. I can’t wait to get started!
The best thing about these tee-shirt projects is that none of them require complex techniques or hard-to-get supplies. The supplies needed are not only minimal, but they can also easily be purchased at a local craft store. My favorite method out of the three in this video is the one involving gold wire; I love how it adds uniqueness to the shirt, but is also really simple. Watch the video and try out the methods for yourself. Share which one is your favorite in the comments section below!