This Tiny House Looks Like A Shell. The Inside? Out Of This World!

Many tiny houses, due to their sustainability, have taken on shapes that represent nature. Some look like pumpkin-shaped domes, others bloom open like flowers, and many look like logs — including one trippy log that look like it’s straight out of the pages of Alice In Wonderland.

Yet, the Nautilus house by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica, is the most fantastical tiny house we’ve stumbled upon thus far. Shaped as a shell, this home near Mexico City was inspired by the work of Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mother Nature herself.

Just look at it! It looks like something a mermaid would live in…or a giant squid! Whoever takes residence here, they’re sure to be as happy as a clam.

It is an example of what Senosiain describes as “bio-architecture” — the idea that buildings based on organic forms bring us back to our cultural roots and help to create harmony with nature.

It’s a beautiful concept and a beautiful home, so let’s take a peek inside this shell…
This house is wonderful to look at, and even better to walk through…
The shell home has lots of colorful stained glass…
…which gives the interior…
…beautiful splashes of light.
Natural elements make it inside the house as well, like greenery in the living room.
There are also many spirals — a shape commonly found in nature.
Wait until you step foot into the bedroom…
A night’s rest on this bed will leave you with a happy glow.
You feel like you’re underwater, engulfed by bubbles, in this contemporary shower.
Art imitating life: when an underwater theme meets actual running water.
The den is even more entertaining than whatever is on television.
The construction of the house even included a hood vent for the stove.
A young family from Mexico City now lives in this home. They were tired of living in a conventional home and wanted a change that brought them closer to nature.
I think they succeeded in their goal!
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