This Striking Planet Was Found By A 17-Year-Old, Just 3 Days Into His NASA Internship

Have you ever worked as an intern in your life? If yes, you might know the hectic work that you have got to do. You might have done all the jobs that were ignored by everyone. Perhaps, making coffee and hauling around boxes full of documents. But, it’s not the same with this 17-year-old Wolf Cukier, a NASA intern from New York. This teenager ended up discovering something amazing just 3 days into his internship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt in 2019. He succeeded in finding a brand new planet which is located in a distance of 1,300 light-years from the Earth. This planet has a unique pastel-colored look and it was named the TOI 1338b. The pastel-colored designs on the planet have made it look like a bomb.

17-year-old Wolf Cukier ended up founding the newest planet of all.

Image credits: NASA Goddard

Wolf explained that he will look forward for more details that were requested by the volunteers, during an interview with CNN.  “About three days into my internship, I saw a signal from a system called TOI 1338b. At first, I thought it was a stellar eclipse, but the timing was wrong. It turned out to be a planet,” said the intern.

This specific planet seems to orbit 2 stars making it circumbinary.

Image credits: NASA Goddard

mage credits: NASA Goddard

“One is about 10% more massive than our Sun, while the other is cooler, dimmer and only one-third the Sun’s mass,” described NASA Goddard. The novel planet is about 7 times larger than the Earth. Newly generated images of TOI 1388b were recently released and they are really mesmerizing.

Here are some of the recently released generated pictures of the TOI 1388b. Most of the people fell in love with these fantastic images.

mage credits: paintwater_boba

These stunning pictures have grabbed the whole attention of Twitter within seconds gathering more than 1.2 million likes in just a few days.

The striking images of the planet collected more than 1.2M likes and 224k retweets within a few days.

Image credits: paintwater_boba

Image credits: paintwater_boba

Image credits: paintwater_boba

All these pictures have been created with the help of a bot as there are no telescopes with the ability to capture such a distance clearly. “That won’t change in the next 50 years, realistically,” stated one of the Twitter users.



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