This Retired Grandma Spends 10 Hours A Day Making Quilts. What She Does With Them? Beautiful!

Trudie Hughes retired from running a quilt shop over seven years ago, and with all of her free time she now finally gets to, as she puts it, “play!”

She sets a blistering pace stitching two quilts a day, making about 60 quilts a month! She enjoys her retirement by making these unique quilts every day. Working seven days a week and 10 hours a day, every single one of these quilts is completely different from the others. “I love the whole process, I’m working on one and thinking of ‘oh my gosh next time I’ll do this!’ “

But it’s what Trudie does after she’s finished making these beautiful quilts that will really bring tears to your eyes. When this video clip reveals how giving Trudie and her husband are, I really couldn’t believe it. With the world so full of selfish people, it’s amazing to find little reminders like this that help us all remember that there are still good people in the world.

Just like the 100-year-old teacher who teaches home economics to a group of children, this story really goes to show that our senior citizens really are from “the greatest generation!” Trudie’s giving nature, open heart, and all-around sense of humor really make this video worth the watch.

This video inspired me to go out and do something nice for someone! Hopefully it’ll do the same for you, too!

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