This House Built on Extremely Steep Swiss Mountain is Just Incredible

This house was built on impossible terrain at a height of 4003 meters (13133 feet) in Switzerland in 1915. I wonder what technique was used to get it all up there, above the clouds…

Solvay Hut is located on a slope of one of the most famous mountains in the Alps – Matterhorn. Its windows offer a spectacular view, which is kind of reward for anyone who manages to reach it.

Astonishingly, Solvay Hut, dating back to 1915, was built within just 5 days. The truth being said it looked much more modest and less cozy.

The slightly mad idea to build the hut came from Ernest Solvay, A Belgian chemist and an entrepreneur, who ran a number of his businesses, which is why so many places there are named after him

It is still not quite clear why Solvay decided to buy the hut in such an extraordinary place as Matterhorn, one of the symbols of Switzerland

The view the hut offers is said to be breathtaking and the mountain itself is very difficult to climb

Solvay Hut is situated on the altitude of 4003 meters above the sea level, almost 400 meters away from the top

Sometimes the clouds flow beneath the hut, which must make the view even more spectacular

At the moment the hut is home to a mountain shelter that can accommodate up to 10 people. It offers beds, blankets and a radiophone

If you happened to be nearby, would you like to spend a night there?