This Glass Sphere Could Revolutionize Solar Power on Earth

We all know that the sun is the greatest sustainable energy source available on Earth, but we’re not quite at the stage where we’re using it to the highest potential. The majority of PhotoVoltaic panels across the globe have a performance of just 15% or lower, and if these panels aren’t tracking the movement of the sun in the sky, they are losing even more power throughout the year. Solar energy is not yet as efficient as it should be.

Andre Broessel, a German architect living in Barcelona, has the solution. He wants to “squeeze more juice out of the sun.” That’s why he created Rawlemon.

See that crystal ball? That could be the answer to all our solar power woes.

By combining spherical geometry principles with their dual axis tracking system, Rawlemon generates twice the yield of a conventional solar panel when both are placed in a vertical set-up. Plus, Rawlemon is able to reduce the cell surface to 1%, so not only can they fit more cells in a smaller area, but Rawlemon can concentrate this energy as well to produce more sustainable and low-cost energy.



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