This Family Of 4 Lives In Just 168 Sq. Ft For One Incredible Reason!

In a world of expensive mortgages and pricey rents, it’s always refreshing to see people who have embraced “the simple life” and eschewed materialism and McMansions in favor of something far more meaningful.

While everyone has their own idea of what home is, to this family of four, it means just 168 sq. feet. I personally find the prospect a little scary, as I’m used to having much more space, but for one family, their tiny home means everything.

Six years ago, the Berzin family found themselves struggling financially when their Florida restaurant went out of business. Hari and Karl Berzins decided to downsize, and went to work donating, selling, and throwing out anything they felt they didn’t need, The Huffington Post reports. They found the Tiny House Blog, which explained the Tiny Home Movement and how families all over the world are now living in small, eco-friendly, and sustainable homes that they often build themselves.

The Berzins saved every penny they could and bought land in southwest Virginia. They built their tiny home on a flatbed trailer, and when they were finished construction and had found jobs in Virginia, moved the home up north to live mortgage-free. Now they’re planning to build a slightly bigger one, but for now, they Berzins are living the good life. Scroll down for a tour of their very special abode… Take a look inside!
The framework for the Berzin tiny home is just 168 sq. feet!
After they moved their home to Virginia from Florida, the family added a well and a septic tank to their property.
As for living in such small quarters: “Everything that’s hard or a problem, you can always flip that over and find an amazing lesson behind it,” Hari Berzins told The Huffington Post.
“You’re just that much more present in your life because there’s not so much to distract from the moment. And if you can be in the moment, then you can really be happy.”
“Part of getting along really well is knowing how to disagree and how to work through [the space limitations]. And that’s a great thing about the house, because we have to do that.”
Inside there are two sleeping lofts, one for the kids and one for Mom and Dad.
As their two children are growing, the Berzins plan to build another tiny home soon with a bit more space, but it’ll still be small. “It’ll feel like a mansion to us!” said Hari.
During downsizing, the Berzins only kept things that served a purpose in their life. It’s why they got rid of all of their place settings aside from their wedding china, and as a result, eat their meals quite fancifully!
They also have a beautiful garden out back.
Hari and Karl Berzins believe that having beautiful things should be a part of everyday life. “And when you only have the things that you use daily, if they’re beautiful, then everything just feels beautiful,” said Hari.

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