This Dessert Has One CRAZY Surprise In The Middle!

If you like food that comes with surprises, you’re going to love this (really easy) recipe!

Five-minute fudge is great, but imagine how impressed you friends will be when they see you walk in with rainbow fudge. That’s right. It may take a little longer than five minutes (but surprisingly, not that much longer), but the presentation is sheer brilliance! Plus, you only need a few ingredients to make it happen!

Okay, so anything that is pure white chocolate and condensed milk is going to be sweet, but no one said you had to eat the whole thing! The woman in this video actually mentions that she’s sending the fudge to her son’s school, because it’s much too rich to have around the house. I have to agree with her there! I’d make it, keep a little for myself, and then send it to my kid’s school for sure!

Is this something you think you’d like to try?



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