They Bought A 1976 Airstream Trailer. The Inside Is So Cool, I Can’t Stop Smiling!

They say that color has a deep and immediate impact on our mood and stress level. For instance, green is said to enhance productivity; orange stimulates enthusiasm; blue calms and stables us; red excites our passion; etc.

So what would happen if you mixed every color imaginable to create a frenzied feast for the eye? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’d love it!

I adore spaces that burst with color, sparkles, patterns, and textures. The more dazzling and audacious, the better. That probably explains why I think homes like this kitschy tiny house are nothing short of perfection.

Thus, it’s no surprise that when I saw this delightfully colorful 1976 Airstream, I immediately fell in love. Eager to know what inspired them, I reached out to the owners, Jay and Jami, for an exclusive interview — and they proved to be as charming as their tiny home.

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This 1976 Airstream, located in New Orleans, was bought in near mint condition. Though they had to remove some furniture and cabinetry, Jay and Jami strove to maintain much of the Airstream’s original structure.
When asked what inspired the antique trailer’s exuberant interior, Jami told me, “The colors, textures, smells, and environments of all the places I’ve been able to explore.”
“I’d classify my aesthetic as organized chaos. I like putting varied colors and textures together that meld into one cohesive thought,” she added.
“I’m a collector of things. I love digging through thrift stores, antique malls, secondhand shops, and estate sales looking for treasures.”
“All of the decor in the trailer came from things both Jay and I have collected throughout our lives, both separately and together.”
“All of the photos and artwork in the space come from projects [Jay] has worked on in the past, friends’ art, or found things that he’s kept over the years.”
“I think we bond over the fact that we both like to collect things that seem to possess a certain sentimentality, whether we’ve placed it there or the previous owner had.”
“I like old things. I like things that have been used and loved, that have past lives and entrenched memories.”
“I’m attracted to and collect things that emit that palpable energy.”
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