The Simple Trick To Cooking PERFECT Steak, Every Time!

Get ready to impress all your friends with your grilling knowledge!

Everyone likes steak, but one of the biggest challenges is actually cooking it just right. How many of us have accidentally overcooked it? I know I can raise my hand for that one! It seems like no matter what I do, unless I have a meat thermometer on hand, I always end up cooking it too much — mostly because I’m nervous about undercooking it!

After watching this video, however, I’m now full of confidence that I will actually end up grilling the perfect steak — and the only tool I need is my hand! You’ve heard of pressing on meat lightly to figure out its doneness, right? Well, this video takes that method a little further and teaches you how to tell what different degrees of “firmness” actually mean!

Once you get this method down, you’ll be the grilling queen next summer!

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  1. Kim says:

    Why are they depicted as lacking melanin?